Wiggo Ro 80 COUPÉ                                     update: 08-06-2008

A few words:  the Ro 80 Coupe
In 2005 Wiggo first saw a prototype picture of an NSU RO80 Coupe designed by Claus Luthe from your web site. When he was in Sweden with Sven Lundstrom he decided to produce a coupe with the picture in mind. The problem was there were no windows available so he had to use a roof from a BMW E36.

The good twist is that Claus has designed both cars and even though they were designed many years apart they fitted well together. The car was designed and produced in Mosjøen, Norway, 200km south of the artic circle. Wiggo used over 2000 hours working on the coupe.

 Wiggo is very happy with the final product and hope you and many others can enjoy it as much as he does. Wiggo is planning to show the coupe first at the Scandinavian meeting in Norway, on the 1 and 2 of August, just outseide of Oslo. Everyone is welcome to join us there. More the merrier

If you have any further questions please dont hesitate to contact us again at www.nsuclubnorway.no  If you have questions about the coupe please reply to us at the mail address. Autoservice autoservice@tele2.no
yours kindly
Odd Magnar Larssen, son of Wiggo

Process of building