WINTER  by   Sven Lundström

Hallo! RO 80 runs very well in snow and minus 21!  I have 185x14 snowtyres with spikes, but in this temperature one can have ordinary tyres.Look at my garageroof! Since 35 years have I never before seen so much snow in the beginning of december!! The snow on my roof is over 120 cm! Kindly RO-tating


Andreas Meyer    - How North can you go? -
Last summer came Andreas Meyer to Gällivare and visited my place! I became really suprised !! He  and four other drove 5 RO80  up to NORDKAPP trough Norway without any trouble in year 2000, but now he had a Seat Leon with a trailer. We drove up to LKAB, iron-ore museum
in my Borgward Isabella. Andreas owns now three RO80, I met him for the first time in Blois-Treffen -98. I think he is webmaster of the Ro 80 Club Deutschland.
P.S. Have you heard about Jukkasjärvi IceHotel ? In my passport is my bearth-place just Jukkasjärvi.This Christmas i drove there in my targaorange RO80.

Hallo! You can go to ,a homepage from Jukkasjärvi Icehotel. There you find that they have built up bars of ice in London, Stockholm and other towns!

Hallo Jan! Here you can see some other RO-pictures / Sven


Regards from Sven Snowtyre Lundström