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Hello Jan ! / You all out there,

Here are the latest pictures of my Ro 80 project. The new rear piece is fitted in place and I am working with floor and sides. 

There are also few pictures of my “Wankel marine” parts. I have the motor, instrument panel and some kind of “gearbox” between motor and propeller. I don't have the propeller part but I think that is quite normal.

I found also picture of Wankel marine from Dieter Korps – NSU Ro80 book, there is one scan of it.


Do You know how rare those marine parts are? The manufacture of those marine parts is Outboard Marine ( OMC ). Motor is made by NSU. I don't have any use for those marine parts, except maybe the motor. If somebody needs those parts I can sell them.

Off course I am very interested to some kind of exchange to new or rebuilt motor, because I needed it sooner or later.


Ro 80 greetings from Finland ! 









The Start of a long journey.
I have finally started restore my NSU Ro
80. I have owned the car 10 years and now I have bring it home. The car is ex- import dealers demonstration car. There is leather interior, electric trap door and light metal wheels.

As You can see from the photos, there is lot of work to do. Car is quite rusty from rear and sides.

I think I will need some help to get parts and other material, all the help is welcome.












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