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SVEN LUNDSTRÖM     SWEDEN                                                     UPDATED:  20-02-07



Hallo Ro drivers
Hallo! This wonderful summer is going to the history! Not since year of 1860 when whether
forecast began has the average temperature been so high in the whole Sweden during summertime!
My rebuilt engine (see earlier reports) runs wonderful after 6500 km !I think that rebuilding
of the metering pump with syntetic two-stroke oil is  a great improvement!
I have participate in a veteranrally in Örnsköldsvik and got third price !
The old used jackets had, witch I got from my Norweigen friends in Mosjoen, have "Strassenbahn" and " Rattermarken". But in spite of this the engine runs very smooth and silent! On my holiday-trip to Stockholm was the average petrol consumption 1,12 liter/10km and if I had followed the speedlimits is 1,0 liter /10km
Kindly Ro-tating regards from / Sven Den Wankel Modige 

Hallo!I am reading almost once a week on your excellent site. Saw three pictures from a a longer intake system in a Ro 80 taken in Sempach Meeting. Can you tell anything about this ? In what way is this an improvement? I have been working with rebuilding the fourplug engine to my red -69.

After approximately 80000 km occured overheating trouble, first time in Mönchen -99,but i succeded in getting home to Gällivare! The Apex had Spider-teilung and were only 7.0 mm in heigt ,and the trochoids from -68 were shorter beside the sparkplugs.I have now rebuilt the engine with used trochoids from -73 and -75 and middlepiece without ÖLABLAUFROHR.The Apex has RO-teilung, and new standdichtungen plus O-rings. Next week I will try to start up the engine for the first time,but it is no guarantee to succeed!!    

Kindly RO-tating Regards from Sven Den Wankel Modige


P.S. It is the red car on photo I am talking about.    
           17-03 2002

Hallo! Now I have succeded in starting up the engine! After many startattempts during two days! The jackets had both "strassenbahn" und "rattermarken" on hotside and the Apex did not match exactly, specially on one jacket. That is why the trouble with starting up. I will send you some photos later, taken during the installing and sofort.

Kindly Ro-tating Regards from Sven Lundström 25-03-2002 Hallo! The engine RO-tates better and better! And starts much easier for every day! Some of the pictures taken very close some engine parts were no success, but some others are better.This engine has a rebuilt metering pump with a extra 2-liter tank with syntetic two-stroke oil for lubrication of the Apex and jackets.I have adjust the pump to give extra lubrication even at low revs now for some weeks driving

 Kindly RO-tating Regards from Sven Den Wankel Modige