Grenoble summer 2002, Ro 80 Cemetary?

Sorry no French yet, do you want to translate this?

From the webmaster: this is what i found this summer near Grenoble situated in the French Alpes. My son saw -while we were traveling in the south of France- a NSU Ro 80, I could not believe it, because of the fact that in twenty years i had never seen a Ro 80 "live"in France. But he insisted, and i was forced to go back. And there was really a Ro 80, and even more there where almost 10 of them! A complete nest! It was my lucky day, the owner was not found so i made some nice pictures and we went on.

One week later -on our way back north- I wanted to so see if there was more to find out-. So we went back. Now the garage was opened and a nice mecanicien told me that his boss would arrive in 30 minutes. So I had the oppertunity to make photo's from the inside of the Garage and some nice close up's from the Ro  cemetary outside.

I could see that this was more than restplace/rustplace for old Ro's, it was a garage specialised in Wankel stuff. I saw  wankelspiders, Birotors, several Mazda's RX 7 's, also an M 35 and a Suzuki RE 5 and much more. There where also things to see ready for a Wankel exposition. The owner arrived and we had a nice conversation about this "wonder" in France. The garagist mister Yves Riondet showed me his fotoalbums and i did promish him that i would make a webpage in my fotoalbum of everthing that the camera has seen. The last foto I wanted to make was from mister Riondet himself, but my camerafilm was full and I did not have a new film anymore. Maybe someone can provide me whith a picture of mister Yves Riondet. He is a member of the French NSU club. He had plans to go to Lahr this year. To the treffen -100 year Wankel- .If you are near to Grenoble you should  visit him and see it all fot your self. It is located at the south side of the city -route National 85- Also called Napoleon's route, at the little town of Vizille. ASee the map left. At the white dot. There is a campingsite and a big supermarket.

You will have to scroll, there are more then 30 pictures. The pictures are a bit to dark, maybe you can do someting about it by changing brightness on your monitor. Have fun and special greetings to all French visitors.                

                                        Yves Riondet /Jan Hullegie