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All Ro driver's want to see Ro 80 pictures,  send them in! You can have your own fotoalbum here, and
that's nice for your friends and at work. So they can understand....why.  

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                                                                                                                                         update: 02-10-12

  Rinus en Bea Slippens New Dutch Ro drivers with a beautiful "Hullegie collection" car
  Takis Triantafillou From GREECE, shows his car visiting Europe
  Pennti Pihlaja-Kuhna Ro 80 driver in Finland = Padma project =
  Guido Rapsch Ro 871 injection Germany
  Werner von Bavaria New car owner in Germany
  Goos van der Wal Restauratie Ro 80
  Vincent M Demarest Member of the Ro 80 Club Great Britain
  Matthias Scherzinger Very active Ro driver Germany
  Przemyslaw Kedzielewski Ro 80 driver Poland, Audi engine 
  Philip Schaheen Ro 80 driver in IsraŽl with a fully modificated Ro.
  Pieter Jakobs Dutch Ro 80 '70 driver  Has a French white 69 Ro 80.
  Stťphan Aubin          France, has bought a beautiful  Belgian Ro 80.
  Wilco Boer  Dutch Ro driver with a strange flying hobby.
  Gebroeders Bos  Ro Drivers,    Very active drivers with beautiful restored cars.
  Brad  AUSTRALIA  Ro 80 driver Australia
  Grzegorz Dubrowski Ro 80 driver Poland
  Dick Flower Ro 80 driver France
  Robbert den Hartog Dutch Ro driver in Marum, he was owner of a Ro garage.
  Robbert den Hartog  Ro 80 in een dag slopen, dismantling a Ro in one day.
  Jan Hullegie Car of the  the webmaster, restauration yellow Ro 80 '74.. 
  Sven LundstrŲm  Ro driver Sweden  -now a prize winner!
  Serge Menichetti Membre du club NSU FRANCE -Ro RACING!-
  Marco Pignata     Italian' translator' of this site.
  Gebroeders Rijkers Ro drivers, one for the money and two for the show!
  Claus Heintsch Rohr Ro Fahrer, Germany.
  Michael Setvedt Norway  Ro driver  - Only 36 Ro 80's sold in Norway! -. 
  Yves Riondet  Garage Scratch Owner of a Ro 80-cemetary- in the French Alpes (Grenoble).
  Eef Sluiter  Was a Ro Driver - Amsterdam- - sold his car-
  Georges Stoelen Mister Ro 80 Belgium. Great contributions to this site!
  Ivan Tan Member of the NSU Ro80 Club of Great Britain. Sold the car.
  Henk Udding  Ro driver/rijder  and  researcher of Wankel's house.
  Rienko Wietsma  Ro driver,  Yellow Ro80 .
  Marten  Ypma Ro rijder, polderbewoner. Oprichter ro80 club in NL
  BelgiŽ treffen 2005  Middelkerke Door Georges Stoelen.
  Zijtaart rondrit   NL   2002 Volkswagen and NSU together!
  Wankeldag 1 februari 2003   Op bezoek bij Ger van Rootselaar.
  Altlussheim Wankelmuseum Museum in Duitsland, erg interessant.

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