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marco.JPG (36730 bytes)I also was 14 in  1980 (I was born on 28/4/1966) mother had at that time a tiny Prinz a consequence I was dreaming about owning the flagship from the NSU family: the Ro 80. Already during 70's, at least for me which was a child  ,the Ro 80 was a rare sight: from the moment I discovered the Ro 80 being part of the NSU products (I was 8-9 years old) up to the moment I found the 1st Ro 80 I would have bouht (I was 20 years old), I only noticed 3 examples on the road !!

Surprisingly I recently discovered that Italy was the 3rd market for the Ro 80, after Germany and UK: nowadays there are about 20 owners among NSU CLub.
Italia members (which own good cars of course) but through the years we found many "bad" cars (not working, left in a corner or needing relevant job) :it is not easy to estimate but I would say there should be at least 50
"good" cars here around plus other 100 needing restoration or just good as donors; I own myself 4 examples (and additionally dismantled another one few years ago): 2 good ones (restored) + 2 needing restoration.

The point is that they sold in Italy around 3000 cars and many of those were stored even if not working as the Ro 80 was (and still is ) such an interesting piece of technology and such a nice car that many people were not brave enough to scrap them :all of the 5 Ro 80 I own (or owned) followed this path.....left in a corner when engine failed (may be for silly reasons).

Regarding problems your brothers and sisters experienced I would say that I've got the opposite experience: my wife often suffer when travelling on a car but that never happened with the Ro 80 and she confirms everytime she feels better with the Ro 80 compared to ther cars, the last remaining fault being the bad smell that unfortunately always get inside the car from the exhaust.

Ciao !!             O il suo collaboratore italiano Marco Pignata